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Free provides a simpler way to manage meeting rooms and desks from any device.

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We know how annoying it is when you try to book a meeting room and they are fully booked, then to find that most are unoccupied! That's why we created Free? - It uses a combination of employee, proximity & location data to enable our customers to create a more effective & efficient workspace.

Our app, infrastructure and sensors enable users to find unoccupied rooms and desks to book. The app allows users to pre-book, and presents them with real time occupancy of rooms and desks, ensuring businesses maximise room and desk utilisation, whilst making it simplier for users. Our reporting enables businesses and facilities management companies to analyse the use of space and the utilisation of rooms and desks, aiding them with any future capacity planning and office refits.

How it works

Our beacons and stickers are tiny computers placed in your meeting rooms and on your desks. The beacons have bluetooth smart modules, temperature and motion sensors. Powered by a coin battery, they broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas.

When in range, your smartphone receives those signals and through the installed Free? app you walk into an unoccupied meeting room and automically change it's status to occupied and book it. As these are location enabled, we make your life easier by showing you the nearest room which is Free (unoccupied).

Since we can alter the radius of the broadcast, we've enabled hot desk booking too. Simply have the app installed, place your smartphone on your desk and it will check you in. We can even notify you if you're away from your desk, just to see if you still need it.

What's great for your business is that you can get meaningful real time data about the use of your meeting rooms and desks. Helping you with capacity planning and space utilisation.

How to set it up

It's simple. Complete the contact form below and tell us how many meetings rooms and hot desks you have in your workspace - We'll send you through a starter kit containing the beacons - Once they arrive, place them in your meeting rooms and on your desks - Download the app and you're off and running.

To help you further, we've even created this little help video to show you how the beacons work.

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